• RDM829 13.56MHz USB Module

    RDM829 series reader-writer is a contactless smart card reader developed on the basis of the ISO/IEC14443 -1, -2, -3, -4 and ISO15693 international standard protocols. It integrates high safety and economy into a whole and integrates high anti-interference ability, small size and more stable performance, is easier to use and is widely used in telecommunications, industry and commerce, tax administration, banking, insurance, city card, bus and other toll collection, stored value, enquiry and other smart card application fields. It can be compatible with domestic general reader-writers.

  • RDM208 13.56Mhz Payment Module

    RDM208 is a dual interface read-write module that reads and writes in accordance with ISO14443A, ISO7816 standard contact/contactless card, and realizes the connection with PC and embedded devices via USB port or RS232 interface. Provides a variety of platform driven development packages, with the accompanying demo program implementing all the functions of access cards.

  • C1 Controller

    Overview C1 controller  is simple yet stylish look to suit a wide range of installation for both interior and exterior environments. It will looks great outside any office door, fl

  • 5 meters UHF Reader

    The RDM8901 RFID Reader is a new and innovative antenna built-in integrated RFID Reader that is compatible with IS018000 and EPC Class 1 Gen2 of RFID tags. It solves many problems successfully associated with remote identification, identification of fast moving objects and multi-card identification for The Passive RF tag. This RFID Reader’s design includes a Weigand port, a RS485 port and a RS232 output interface.

  • Waterproof 13.56Mhz Rfid Reader

    RDM85X0 is 13.56MHz wall-mounted card reader of RDM's read-only M1 card serial number with high performance and multiple output formats.he standard wiegand26/34 and RS232 output format interfaces are provided, which can be used in various RFID systems and can be used in conjunction with other company products.

  • RDM65X0 125Khz Rfid Reader

    RDM65X0 series is a contactless 125KHz contactless card reader that read the card’s serial number.RDM65X0 series adopts advance 8-bit microprocessor technology. It build-in with watch-dog and voltage monitoring circuitry to ensure reliable operation.RDM65X0 series come with various aesthetic look to suit different user and applications. Its output to the controller can communicates through Wiegand, ABA, RS232 or RS485 interface. It read only card serial number to output.

  • 13.56Mhz NFC RS232 Rfid Reader

    RDM530-S-N is a NFC reader that supports ISO14443A/B and ISO18092 standard.Through RS232 serial interface to realize the connection with PC and related equipment.The driver development kit of various platforms is provided at random, and the attached demo program realizes all the functions of access rf card.

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