RFID reader

RDM8560 is 13.56MHz wall-mounted card reader of RDM's read-only M1 card serial number with high performance and multiple output formats. he standard wiegand26/34 and RS232 output format interfaces are provided, which can be used in various RFID systems and can be used in conjunction with other company products.

RDM829series reader-writer is a contactless smart card reader developed on the basis of the ISO/IEC14443 -1, -2, -3, -4 and ISO15693 international standard protocols. It integrates high safety and economy into a whole and integrates high anti-interference ability, small size and more stable performance, is easier to use and is widely used in telecommunications, industry and commerce, tax administration, banking, insurance, city card, bus and other toll collection, stored value, enquiry and other smart card application fields. It can be compatible with domestic general reader-writers.

Let the elegant lily chandelier provide scattered light to your room, and the segmented dimming technology gives you more control over the brightness you want. It can be combined with a variety of decoration styles.

Main power range: 220 V - 240 V; 50-60 Hz

Number of bulbs: 5; base / lamp holder: E27

Adjustable brightness: No; LED: No; Built-in LED: No

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