Rfid Industry Status and future trends

2019-07-18 15:50:07 188

The invention of computer formed the first industrialization wave of information technology;The development of Internet and mobile network has created the second wave of information technology industrialization.Now, the breakthrough of information acquisition technology represented by the Internet of things will develop from virtual information space and renren Internet to the perception of the real physical world, providing more abundant sources of demand and powerful development impetus for information transmission and processing, and will set off the third industrialization wave.Rfid technology is the core technology of Internet of things perception and plays an important role in the development of Internet of things.It is considered to be one of the most promising information technologies with the characteristics of fast reading, convenient reading and long distance.RFID USES radio waves and microwave energy to carry out non-contact two-way communication between electronic tags and readers to realize automatic identification and data exchange.Identification work without manual intervention, has a strong ability to adapt to harsh environment, not only can recognize high-speed moving objects, but also can recognize multiple tags at the same time.I. status quo and scale of FRID industry at home and abroad, the RFID market includes RFID tags and applications, namely, active tags, passive tags, readers, software, services, networks and other related products.The global market for RFID and applications was worth $7.67 billion in 2012, up 17.8% from $6.51 billion in 2011, according to IDTechEx, a consultancy.The RFID and application market is expected to continue to grow steadily over the next decade, at a rate of about 20%, quadrupling in value to $26.19 billion by 2022.The application of RFID technology has been extended to various subdivided industries in China, such as car anti-theft system, train frequency identification, medical condition tracking, library book management, fixed assets check, access control system and so on.RFID technology application range is very wide, the market prospects are very broad.In view of the domestic development status, the following three RFID technology application has great potential direction.

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