How to choose Rfid Reader?

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The contactless IC card reader used for access control is an important part of the access control system and the key equipment for signal input of the access control system.If an access control system controller and electrical lock are good, if the quality of the card reader problems, will also cause the door does not open and other conditions, affecting the acceptance and use of the project.Classified card readers are divided into contact card readers and non-contact card readers from the distance of card reading. From the perspective of interface, there are mainly parallel card readers, serial card readers, USB card readers, PCMICA card readers and IEEE 1394 card readers.There are two kinds of card reading protocol: RS485 card reader and Wiegand card reader.From the card type, it can be divided into IC card reader and ID card reader. The connection with PC can be realized through USB interface, and 5V power supply or keypad port is used for power supply. It supports all the functions of the rf card.This series of equipment is applied to the entrance guard, attendance, conference check-in, expressway, tourism, parking lot, public transportation charge, shopping mall consumption, membership system and card issuing system of various application systems.ID card reader is used to read ID card, card reader support plug and play, in the use of the process can be unplugged, without external power, users do not need to load any driver, Windows system directly as HID device keyboard.After the USB port of the computer is connected to the card reader, the card reader starts self-check and initialization with a sound of "beep", and then initializes successfully with a sound of "beep", and enters the waiting state.ID card reader is used in data entry, information inquiry, Internet cafe registration, book borrowing, conference check-in, access control and other occasions.

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