• Name:Dual interface dual antenna module-RDM228
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Contactless reader-writer is specially developed for the micropayment market.

It is compatible with ISO14443 Type A & Type B and Sony felica protocols, in conformity with application technical standard of Ministry of Construction. With PSAM card as the core security encryption system, ensures the transaction is completed with a high degree of security.

RS232, USB or TCP/IP interface communicate with the host machine.


RDM228 reader-writer is a front-end processing device for develope IC card related products and system integrated. Free SDK will be provided for integration.


It is applicable for subway ticket check, bus ticket check, park entry ticket check, license reader, oil petrol stations, industrial automation, computer security management and other fields.




With 4 SAM slot, SAM Support ISO7816 standard

Compatible ISO14443A/B/C standard cards read/ write

32bits ARM 11 MPU,and embedded terminal design

Program supporting transferring embedded OS/API interface

RS232,USB,TCP/IP interface

Power: 7-28VDC  

Typical: 12V,300mA

The software includes the standard application 






ISO/IEC14443-A/B,ISO 7816

Supporting Card

Mifare S50/S70/Ultralight, Mifare Pro, FM1208,

Sony felica, SAM card

Cassette Using Time

Normal Use: 100,000 times

Reading Distance

>8cm(Depending on label size)

Power Supply

DC 7-28V

Maximum Current


Relative Humidity


Operating Temperature

-10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃


External,110mm * 110mm



Subway ticket machine

Transport vehicle machine

License Reader

Oil petrol station

Industrial Automation