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Ø 3 Levels card---Super-manage card, Manage card, and user card.


Ø Easy to install and operate. Convenient to use.


Ø Suitable for locker, cabinet, drawer or other furniture.


Ø Alarm for low power


Ø External Battery box to supply power when batteries have run down



Lock Panel-Zinc alloy; Lock body-PC

Power source

DC6V( AAA1.5V*4) alkaline battery

Static current


Dynamic current


Alarm power

< 4.5V

Work temperature

-15℃ ~ 65℃

Work humidity

10%~95%RH(No condensation)

Anti-static electricity

Air discharge 15KV,Contact discharge 8KV

Radio resistance

80 MHz~100 MHz (Modulating frequency is 1 MHz, modulation index is 80%), magnetic field strength is 10 V/m

Read card feature

More than 20mm,

read card response time should less  than 0.5 second


Widely used in swim bathing spot ,sauna bathing spot,

golf course,gymnasium locker, enterprise,school, hotel,

supermarket storage cabinet, and so on.