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 Main Function

Ø Buzzer Prompt: long and short sound,different buzzer times,prompt the door lock status.

Ø Led Prompt: different color,different frequency,prompt the door lock status.  

Ø Factory Default: Open the door for five times in five seconds by mechanical key,the door lock will be restored to factory default settings.

Ø Emergency open the door:,use external power to power the lock when the lock is on low battery.

Ø Double lock restriction: Double lock has option to restrict the user card.

Ø Manage time : check the lock current time by PDA.

Ø Low battery alarm: there is prompt by display ,sound or buzzer when lock is on low battery.   

Ø Check record: available for 600 records,can check by PDA

Ø Verify the software: verify the software version,to be sure the lock with right version.

Product Structure:


System Component


Control Mainboard

Core part of the electronic control

Antenna Board

Reading antenna

USB convert board

External power supply,PDA communication convert


Set time,check verion,check time,download and check operation records



Read Range


Power Supply

 alkaline battery 

Static Current


Dynamic Current


Alarm Current


Memory Capacity

8K bytes

Working Temp

-10℃ ~ 65

Storage Temp

-25℃ ~ 85

Storage Time

>10 Years

Card Quantity


Working Humidity

595RHnon condensin


A discharge 15KV

Contact discharge 8KV




For apartment,hotel,etc.