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Technology makes life more exciting - the 2010 Shenzhen International Internet of Things Technology

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 "Better City, Better Life; technology makes life more exciting," spring breeze through the Expo, welcomed our event. 1 July 2010 to 3, the company organized a three-day attended the 2010 Shenzhen International Internet of Things Technology and Application Exhibition

The exhibition for the Chinese Internet of things industry is currently the only one in the core technology of Things RFID (radio frequency identification), sensor networks, intelligent recognition, intelligent communications and networking technology as the main display the contents of the full application, and fully take into account the Chinese Internet of Things industry's current development needs and characteristics of the international exhibition industry.
In this international event, the only Division I exhibited conventional low-frequency, high-frequency, high-frequency reader overclocking, low frequency, high frequency module, while also fortunate enough to exhibit our self-developed support both low-frequency radio frequency identification modules, expansion powerful handheld terminal, while supporting contact and contactless dual interface reader. And attracted many visitors stop to visit.
The exhibition for the Chinese and international networking industry (RFID, sensors, smart identification) provides an enterprise involving the whole industry chain of IOT manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, application integrators aggregation, display, exchange and discuss cooperation perfect platform. This will greatly promote the development of the networking industry, and opens a new world.



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