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2009 China (Shenzhen) International RFID technology and logistics, industrial, security Application

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 June 2009 24-26,  our participated in the organization held in Shenzhen 2009 China (Shenzhen) International RFID technology and logistics, industrial, security applications exhibition.

This exhibition is a study on RFID (radio frequency identification) complete industrial chain products, electronic label production solution, reader development of the latest technologies, middleware precise control technology, the latest contactless payment technology, RFID in industrial automation, logistics , security, personnel, vehicles, asset management, clothing, books and other areas of comprehensive solutions and demonstrate the successful application of an international event.
Until the international exhibition for the Chinese enterprises to provide an RFID industry RFID whole industry chain involving manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, application integrators aggregation, display, communication and perfect platform to discuss cooperation. Meanwhile, the exhibition also through extensive and influential propaganda, inviting a large number of RFID applications in major end-customer industries, information technology service providers, integrators, software developers new temporary site, both supply and demand to achieve mutual understanding and close business cooperation.
This exhibition in order to maximize promote RFID RFID technology applications in the industrial automation industry, played a professional exhibition RFID efficacy and role as a platform to promote product sales, upstream and downstream cooperation and further development of industrial applications!



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