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ST Electronics has been a Singapore Innovation Class (I-Class) company since June 2003. The I-Class status, awarded by SPRING Singapore, recognises organisations that have achieved innovation excellence.


Tarrahan Control Shargh is an expert in Electronics, Automation and ICT.

Empowered by a highly-skilled team of Technicians, Engineers and Managers, it provides solutions ranging form RFID applications to integrated IT platforms.

Highlight of Capabilities:

AFC Solutions

Fleet Tracking & Monitoring solution

Smart card solutions

Public Information Systems

For more information you are welcome to contact Info@tcontrolco.com


 iDTRONIC GmbH is an internationally working company and source for professional RFID hardware. Rather than being focused on one single technology or RFID standard, the iDTRONIC product range spans nearly every facet of RFID capabilities.