About us

Corporate Culture

Our mission is to realize customers dream and enable us top-rank in RFID field around the world basing on technology and service. 

Rewarding the home country and shareholders, and pay back the clients and our partners . 

orienting for customers’ needs, focusing on the combination of technology and market and providing with high standard products, high-quality service and reliable solutions, we will exceed the clients’ long-time demand in higher level and create value for them. 

Faith-based , innovation for long future and collaboration to success . 

Science by people ,value by service ,product by innovation ,growth by reputation . 

Effective , competitive , innovative and a sense of crisis and team awareness. 

Code of conduct: 
Faith-based, self-confidence, helpful, appropriate words and deeds and responsible . 

The definition of talent: 
The talent person should be the employees who agree with the corporate culture, have responsibility and cooperation spirit, be good at studying and dare to innovation. And the excellent staff should learn faster than others ,continuing to improve and challenge the limits ,also continuously bring about outstanding performance. 
The backbone of our company are those super-manager and professional technicians. They are loyal to the company ,willing to sacrifice and be proficient in their business ,So the company must slant to them exactly on development opportunities ,economic interests and organizational power and so on.